About me

Hello and welcome to Nibbles and Bites.

Picture of Kerry

I'm Kerry, I'm a freelance journalist and like most journalists I like wine, food, plenty of sugar, lots of tea and biscuits, biscuits, biscuits.

When I wake up, I think about breakfast, then after breakfast, I think about second breakfast, then lunch and so on. If I was a bit shorter (not much shorter), I would be a hobbit except without the hairy feet. I am always the first person in the office to open the packet of biscuits.

I live in the not-quite-a-city of Milton Keynes best known, internationally it turns out, for its many roundabouts and concrete cows. It is also, on first appearance, a bit of a foodie wasteland dominated by the big supermarkets and chain restaurants. But if you look closely, there are gems out there.

I love cooking, particularly baking, particularly cake, lots of cake, but also the occasional loaf. I'm not a big inventor of recipes but will have a go at nearly anything. There have been some notable disasters and I have been assured by my boyfriend, The Geek (TG), there is a list.

I am also known for falling asleep at the dinner table when we have guests and serving meals at a spectacularly late hour because I haven't read the recipe properly in advance. I realise the two may be connected.

Chefs I particularly like are Nigel Slater and Nigella Lawson and foodies I follow include Jay Rayner.

About this blog

This blog was born out of a desire to teach myself how to build a website while writing about something I enjoy, namely local food and cooking, instead of about the latest planned housing development or cats stuck up trees (this last one is a well-worn cliche, I know). If I am honest, it is also an excuse to stuff my face and write about it.

I want to show people there are interesting food producers and independent restaurants in and around the Milton Keynes area while learning a bit more along the way as well as encourage people to really think about what they're eating.

I hope, through the forum of blogging, to inform as well as entertain.