Street Food Friday at MK Biergarten

January 15, 2018


Beer with cheese toasties? What's not to like?

Purveyors of all things hot and cheesy the Good Times Cafe were the first street food vendors invited to sell their wares at the MK Biergarten's inaugural Street Food Friday last week.

This new event is the latest in a number of festivals and special days helping to put Milton Keynes on the street food map. Owner of the Biergarten, Franzi Florack, has been a major force for good in the city's food scene in recent years and the Biergarten is a brilliant place to go if you want drink a variety of beers in a relaxed environment.

Inviting a street food vendor to the MK Biergarten is a brilliant idea as when one has had a few drinks, thoughts inevitably turn to food. And what is better than a hot cheese toastie to accompany a beer as TG assures me 'beer goes with everything.'

The Good Times team busy at work making cheese toasties

On arrival at around 7pm, we joined the already long queue for some cheesy sustenance with waiting times of around five to seven minutes, that's how popular it was. The choices were a classic four cheese, one with Marmite (bleurgh!), balsamic mushroom and swiss cheese, brie with homemade cranberry jam, Good Times reuben and chilli popper.

TG and I were feeling adventurous so we plumped for the reuben, an interesting combination of salt beef, sauerkraut, cheese, pickle and Russian dressing. Upon receiving our box of cheesy delight, we went inside, bought a couple of beers and tucked in. The combination of rich cheese, salty beef and piquant sauerkraut was delightful. I think I'm slowly becoming a convert to pickle.

Inside MK Biergarten during Street Food Friday

The Biergarten was standing room only and it shows that word is getting around about this gem. Here's hoping the success of the first Street Food Friday will result in many more.

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